Caroline & Connor's Engagement Session | Blue Ridge Parkway, Big Island, VA | Lynchburg Engagement Photographer

I feel like every time I start blogging again coming out of the winter break it takes me foreeeever to get back into it. Nevertheless the break is over! While this session may have been a few months ago I still wanted to share it because 1. Caroline and Connor are awesome and 2. I realllllllly loved the images from their session. We shot along the Blue Ridge Parkway and man was it worth the drive. From Lynchburg it’s an incredibly beautiful!

These two are so genuine and easy going. People always tell me that they don’t like having their photo taken and that they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. I totally get it because I feel the same. haha I feel like I’m super awkward in front of the camera, never know what to do with myself, and feel like in general I just look goofy in photos. I always tell people at the beginning of a session that the first 15 minutes might feel awkward but we’ll get into a groove. I promise them I won’t let them look weird! haha These guys were naturals. They just had a great time together and it was like I wasn’t even there.

I’m super pumped for their wedding on Liberty University’s campus soon! Their reception will be at the amazing Boonsboro Country Club too! Keep an eye out for that on the blog soon!