Crystal & Sam's Wedding | Fayetville, NC

Sometimes people say that they can't believe that I love shooting weddings. They say things like, "It'd be too stressful." or "It's too much pressure." It's not that I disagree or don't experience those things. I do. But I experience them in a different way. Sure, weddings can at times be stressful but it only gives you the opportunity to find solutions to problems. There is also a lot of pressure. A lot of the moments that you capture during a wedding day will only ever happen once. Those moments are pressure and valuable. But for me the joy of exceeding expectations and delivering an awesome product is far more desirable than the fear of missing a shot.

Crystal and Sam's wedding was no different. I loved every minute of it. Not just because I love shooting weddings but because Crystal and Sam are incredible people. Kind, generous, loyal, and loving. I like to work with people that I could see myself going on a road trip with. And I could definitely go on a road trip with these guys. 😄

KJ Jugar II