Derek Fowler Photography Portrait Session | Lynchburg, VA | Lynchburg Portrait Photographer

This guy right here is one of the friendliest dudes you'll ever meet. He's a wedding photographer in the Lynchburg, VA area and goes by the name Derek Fowler Photography. So when he approached me and asked about doing portraits for his new website I was totally down. I asked him what kind of style or look his brand was going to portray and he said, "Think Madmen." I was like, "Say no more." In studio I tend to shoot with a super simple setup because I love the drama that it creates. Derek came dressed ridiculously fresh and I brought the lighting drama. It was a match made in heaven.

You know, when I first put together my little home studio out in Rustburg I wasn't quite sure what the heck I was doing. I had zero experience in external lighting so it was all new to me. Now, I'm really glad I put it together because I get to work awesome shoots like this one. 😄