Donna & Jerry's Wedding | Boonsboro Country Club, Lynchburg, VA | Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

Weddings always feel like a special day and getting to celebrate them with others is a joy. But this wedding was special in a different way. It's one thing to have your college buddies, friends from your home town, and your family come to your wedding. It's another to have people you've been friends with for decades come and celebrate with you, to have your kids give the toasts to you, and to have the joy of starting something new after loss.

Donna and Jerry had both lost their spouses when they met. They quickly became close and knew that they wanted to get married. So, that's what they did. Their family and friends came to celebrate with them. They even had the group from their garden club come. It was absolutely incredible to watch. The wedding was held at the Boonsboro Country Club in Lynchburg. The setting was beautiful and felt very fitting for the event. 

One of the most memorable moments for me was during the reception when the toasts were given. Usually when I photograph weddings the toasts are given by college roommates who have tons of embarrassing stories to tell or childhood friends who also have embarrassing stories to tell. This time it was Donna and Jerry's kids who gave the toasts. They were all grown with families of their own at this point. But it was really cool to hear them tell stories about how their parent's were always there for them growing up. Instructing them, imparting wisdom, loving and caring for them, and just being there when they needed to be. Our culture doesn't create enough opportunities to honor our parents and grandparents like this and I think we should. It was an awesome night that I won't soon forget.