My All-Time Favorite Part of Weddings | Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

Ever since I started shooting weddings there's always been a part of the day that I enjoyed most. Receptions! Seriously, I flippin' love receptions. A lot of photographers say it's their least favorite part of the day because they think it feels monotonous and repetitive. I get so dang excited when the reception gets started though! Especially when there's a group that loves to get down and dance a little. 

I love receptions so much because first of all I'm a suuuuuuper awkward dancer and they give me the chance to live vicariously through everyone else. It's the only time that it's acceptable for me to be a wall flower and just enjoy the music and the celebration.

Second, I like being right in the middle of things. When I photograph a wedding I use the Canon 35L for about 95% of the day. I love the perspective. Plus it helps me to separate my work a bit in a market that's saturated with portraits done from the 70-200 focal length. So during receptions I shoot mostly with my 35 and stay right in the middle of all the dancing. It helps me really be a part of the celebration instead of 20 feet back away from everyone. 

Another reason I love receptions so much is because at that point in the day all the hustle and bustle to get things done is over. The day starts to move a bit slower and the bride and groom get to go to their first party as husband and wife together. It's like time freezes and all the worries that came before or will come after that point have vanished and the only thing left is joy. 

All that to say that's why I wanted to share some of my favorite images from receptions! It's such a special part of the day to me. I love finding little "moments" throughout the evening. People laughing together, throwing an arm around each other, and dancing like there's no tomorrow. For a moment you get to see people completely unhindered. It's a beautiful thing.