Jon & Liz's Maternity Session | James River Foot Bridge | Lynchburg Maternity Photographer

It’s not too often that I photograph maternity sessions but I always love it when I do. It’s such an exciting time for people. Most of the time they’re expecting their first child and are just so excited to meet them. Usually by the time I photograph them they’ve only got two or three months before they’re expecting.

By then they know the sex of the baby, have a room all decorated in their house and ready to go, and have probably read at least 5 books on parenting. haha My wife and I don’t have kids just yet but getting to celebrate with friends who are in that stage of life is such a pleasure. Jon and Liz are so kind, suuuuper funny, and are wonderful together.

We had such a good time shooting along the Appalachian Trail. We walked along James River Foot bridge that I actually used to jump off of in college during the warmer months. I know I know not the best life decision. haha I loved chatting with Jon and Liz and hearing about their families, married life, and what’s next for them.

We rode together to our shoot which was so great! Spending time like that before a shoot and being able to really get to know one another changes the dynamic of a session so much. Being known on a deeper level and being transparent will always create intimacy and strengthen personal connections. It also results in better photos because people are usually more relaxed. I love photographing people because it gives me a chance to know people in a way that others may not.

It’s funny, I’m not a great small talk guy but if you wanna dive deep then I can go there in a heart beat. I love engaging in meaningful conversations. Talking about the weather feels exhausting for me but I’d love to hear about ways that you’ve been challenged lately and are taking steps to grow and become a better person. I’d love to chat about your biggest concerns in life and what you’re doing to trust more, have more faith, or just take baby steps to be more intentional. Those are the conversations that I crave and love to have. Be real and be honest. No matter the outcome it’s worth it.