Luke & Daisy's Surprise Engagement Session | Crabtree Falls, Nelson County, VA | Nelson Wedding Photographer

Guys...this session was unreal. Let me tell you what happened. So, Luke calls me up the day before the proposal happened because the photographer he had initially had to cancel. I said I would love to be a part of it! The plan was for me to be at the overlook with my camera out taking photos as if I was just there hanging out on my own. They would hike up and Luke would ask if I could take some photos of them and then he'd propose. Easy peasy. 

He told me about a road I could take that would leave me to a parking lot that was .3 miles from the overlook and I could just hike down instead of doing the almost 2 mile hike up. I was like awesome! That'll be super easy. So we get to the day of the proposal. I had never been to the overlook at Crabtree Falls so I got there super early in case I got lost. I started driving up the road to the parking lot above the overlook. It had snowed in Lynchburg about a week before but it had all melted. Well it hadn't all melted there... The road I'm driving up to the parking lot was a one lane gravel road on the side of a mountain. I hit some heavy snow in my Nissan Versa and realize there's no way I'm gonna make it without sliding off the mountain. I don't have any signal so I can't text Luke and I'm freakin out. I did the only thing I knew to do and drove to the base of the trail and started hiking.

I get to what I think is the overlook and just hang out. Since Luke didn't have signal either he couldn't text me a photo of them so I had no idea who I was looking for. Eventually a couple comes up the trail and asks if I'd been to the top. I said no and they kept hiking up the trail. The guy turns around and points up the trail indicating that he was Luke and the overlook was further up the trail. Guys...I was over a mile away from where I was supposed to be. haha So I had to start hiking with them. I had to make conversation otherwise it was gonna be super awkward. haha  We get all the way to the top of Crabtree Falls and everything went according to plan. It was beautiful. I had so much fun hanging out with Luke and Daisy. They were super sweet and a lot of fun to hang out with. It was an adventure and I'm really glad I was able to photograph this surprise proposal!