Micah & Michelle's Engagement | Maymont Estate Engagement Session | Richmond Engagement Photographer

So, let me let you in on a little secret in the photography community. Sometimes, we come to sessions, laugh and smile and tell bad jokes, and have a great time. But then we say goodbye, get in our car, and immediately start telling ourselves that we didn't get any good shots, that we were awkward and our clients probably thought we were super weird, and on and on it goes. Some days it's hard to feel like we're capable of creating anything of value. For me, this was NOT one of those shoots. haha

This was one of those shoots when afterwards I get in my car, put my sunglasses on, get some Taco Bell while blasting some sweet jamz, I look in the mirror and say to myself, "You flippin killed that shoot. 😎" But for real it was a great day. Micah and Michelle were so fun to get to know while we walked around Richmond. Learning about how they met, what they do for work, and of course telling them about my adorable pup. It was super easy going, we had a beautiful location to shoot at with great light, and we found some really cool spots. 

I've been shooting more and more in the Richmond area over the past year and I'm not even mad about it. It has so many sweet locations to offer. Everything from industrial and modern looks to tons of greenery and forests. We shot at Maymont Estate for the first part of their engagement session and then ended with the Riverfront Canal Walk. I'm excited for their wedding at Irvine Estate next year. I know it's gonna be amazing.