Micah & Michelle's Wedding | Irvine Estate in Lexington, VA | Lexington Wedding Photographer

Being back at Irvine Estate was so awesome. Celebrating with Micah and Michelle made it that much better. We honestly couldn’t have asked for better weather. Nice even lighting, beautiful fog rolling over the mountains nearby, and a beautiful property. Ever since Micah and Michelle’s engagement session in Richmond I knew their wedding would be great. They’re both so incredibly kind and genuine.

Truthfully in the past few months I had grown tired of photographing weddings. I had developed a formula that worked every time. I could walk into a wedding and create the same work I had created before consistently in almost any circumstances. Granted, it was a good place to be, but I was bored and needed a change. I still loved serving my clients but wasn’t stimulated in my work anymore. After starting a new job as a staff photographer for LU’s marketing department it was the change I really needed.

All that to say this was the second wedding I had photographed after being in marketing for a few months and man it was nice. I felt so refreshed. I also just switched from Canon to Fuji which is revolutionizing the way I shoot and was the learning curve that I really needed. I love photographing weddings. Sometimes we need a change to keep things fresh. I’m excited to see what this year will look like.