Molly & Hunter's Engagement Session | Smith Mountain Lake | Virginia Engagement Photographer


These two are just so flippin awesome. Their engagement session at Smith Mountain Lake was so incredible it's ridiculous.

I had the honor of being the wedding photographer for her sister's wedding earlier this year and I'm super excited to celebrate with her and her family again! Molly's family were soooo much fun! They're better dancers than I could ever hope to be. They're also incredibly generous. We had their session at Smith Mountain Lake because Molly's parents own a home there so it made sense to do the shoot there. After we had wrapped up I stepped inside for a moment to say goodby to her parents and before I knew it they were offering me food and something to drink before I left. So I left with some tasty shrimp in hand. 😄

We had absolutely incredible weather for the session. Plus you just can't beat a sunset at the lake. We had started to get a Fall look in the leaves as well. And can we just talk about how awesome Molly's dress was??? Needless to say we had a great time. After I delivered the session Molly sent me this email.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.27.08 PM.png

I seriously love being a wedding photographer. I love being able to exceed expectations and create something that is above and beyond what they ever expected.  Their wedding next year at Early Inn at the Grove in Rocky Mount, Virginia is gonna be the bomb. 😄💣