Olivia & Dean's Engagement Session | Blue Ridge Parkway, Big Island, VA | Lynchburg Engagement Photographer

This foggy, misty day was absolutely amazing. We explored and got a little wet but it was so worth it. These guys were such a blast to hang out with! When you live in a particular area as a photographer you inevitably end up using the same locations on occasion. I had been here before but I always try to use things differently when I can. It’s tough to keep things fresh sometimes. When you lapse into formula your creativity dies. You have to be so intentional about keeping your creativity alive and fresh. How you do that can look different for everyone. For me it was switching from Canon to Fuji. That wasn’t the entire reasoning behind it but it’s certainly a plus. I need challenge. I need to have learning curves again. I’m slowly learning that about myself but I’m glad that I am.

I’ll keep you all posted about the switch to Fuji! 😄