The Runda's Maternity/Family Session | Ivy Creek Park, Lynchburg, Virginia | Virginia Maternity Photographer

This maternity/family session at Ivy Creek Park was full of ups and downs (quite literally) but was so amazing. I don't photograph a lot of these but I always enjoy it when I get to. The Runda's are dear friends of my wife and I so it was that much more special. 

At the beginning of the session, Caleb (the little guy in the first photo), was so pumped to be playing and running around outside. About 15 minutes into the session he fell and busted his lip pretty bad. He was such a trooper for the rest of the session though! He hung in there and was super excited to come home and watch Mega Mind while he held an ice pack to his lip. It was a pretty awesome day if I do say so. 😄