Sam's Bridal Session | Buena Vista, VA | Buena Vista Wedding Photographer

You know, it’s weird looking over the past 4 years as a photographer and seeing how I’ve progressed. I’ll be honest, walking into almost any shoot I feel confident that I can create consistent work that’s representative of my past work. It’s strange feeling confident in what I do. I remember feeling like it was just chance if I got a great shot. But things have changed as I’ve shot more, tried new things, and solidified how I shoot.

Sam’s bridal session in Buena Vista, VA was no different! Although there’s always the unexpected of a shoot. Especially when you’ve never been to a particular location before shooting there. Sam is a photographer herself which was great! It’s intimidating shooting other photographers sometimes because there’s no faking it with them. haha But Sam was super gracious and open to any ideas I had.

We had a great time exploring an old plantation and chasing the sunset. Buena Vista is so beautiful. We were also really close to the James River! I wish we would have had time to shoot at the foot bridge but a las. Sam’s wedding will be on the blog soon too so keep an eye out!