Tiffany & David's Wedding | Pocahontas State Park, Chesterfield, VA | Richmond Wedding Photographer

This day was so special. It was full of laughter, tears, and lots of dancing. The day was challenging for Tiffany and David but was so memorable. Tiffany wanted so bad to get married in the forest so she decided on Pocahontas State Park. Initially they weren't available but they followed up and asked if she'd be up for a Friday wedding so she said, "Heck yeah!" 

Before the wedding Tiffany had let me know that photos of her dad were really important. He was diagnosed with a really aggressive cancer so they weren't sure how much longer they would have with him. Also, David's parents both passed away some years ago and they would have a memorial set up for them. I was so excited for these guys to step into the amazingness that is marriage but at the same time felt like I wanted to do something for them that would really make the day special.

I packed up my gear along with my printer, some paper, and a frame. During the reception I quickly stepped out, edited, and printed a photo of Tiffany and her dad. I framed it and gave it to her before the day was over. I've never done anything like that before but I'm really glad I did. 

Another really special part of the day was during Tiffany and her dad's first dance. She has two older sisters who aren't married yet so during her first dance she invited them to come up and have a "first dance" with their dad together since they may not have that opportunity when they get married themselves. It was an incredibly touching moment and I couldn't help but think of the gravity of that moment. It was so thoughtful of Tiffany to do that for her sisters.

I stood on the side of the dance floor thinking about how important the relationships in this life are. I've never lost anyone that I was very close with so I can't even begin to imagine what that would be like. I went home that night and hugged my wife a little tighter than usual because I can't imagine life without her.

Living intentionally isn't easy. That's why it requires intentionality. But it's so worth it. To think of others before yourself. To give them the benefit of the doubt. To seek restoration when things are broken. To seek peace and reject strife. To give until it hurts. To be vulnerable to the point that it's uncomfortable. Don't read this and just feel sorry for Tiffany and her sisters. Let it drive you to action. To live life intentionally.

Be someone who could be called "life-giving." If people aren't attracted to you because you push them away or you've isolated yourself from them. Let me encourage you to get out there and put yourself in the middle of those messy and dirty relationships that you're so terrified of. If you aren't willing to get hurt can you really say that you've loved?