West Coast Road Trip | Lynchburg - San Francisco - Portland

Hey guys!

So this past Summer my wife, Soli and I, went on the road trip of a lifetime! Neither of us had ever been to the West Coast and we were dying to check it out. We left from Lynchburg, VA and flew to San Francisco. Then from there we drove to Portland over a week and made a few stops along the way. We stayed in San Francisco for a day to check out the city which was AWESOME! The people were so friendly and welcoming and our Airbnb host was great! Airbnb for the win.

After San Francisco we drove to Humboldt State Park to see the redwoods. Soli had wanted to see the redwoods ever since she was a little girl. They were absolutely breathtaking. Honestly I can't even begin to describe how incredible they were. So grand and majestic. After an entire day of exploring the forest our hosts invited us to join them for a bonfire with smores! Soli was super tired and passed out around 9. But I joined them and had such an incredible conversation with them. We talked about life, spirituality, and song writing. The husband was originally from England and his wife was an art curator in LA. They got tired of the city and moved to Northern California. After hearing all about their lives and journey I was able to pray for them before going to bed. We couldn't have asked for more incredible hosts. Just another reason why I love Airbnb. You don't get that kind of experience staying at the Hilton.

Next we drove up to Coos Bay, Oregon. Ok so funny story. We had planned to go to Coos Bay to see a well known lighthouse there. Turns out it wasn't accessible without cutting through someone's backyard. But! It was a small fishing town so we decided to stop in to a local restaurant and get some seafood. Seriously, I had the best crab and shrimp sandwich I've ever had in my life. Even though we couldn't see the lighthouse. I was so glad we went.

After leaving Coos Bay we made our final stop in Portland. Let me tell you it didn't disappoint. So many awesome stops. Powel's Bookstore, the Columbia Gorge River, Hood River, Mt. Hood, and so many more awesome places. Soli wanted to move there the second she saw Mt. Hood. One of the most awesome things happened while we were there. One of my friends in Lynchburg is from Portland and just happened to be there while we were. He invited Soli and I over to have dinner with him and his family. We ate and talked for hours. It was like having a home away from home. Definitely an experience I'll never forget. In fact, the entire trip was pretty unforgettable. If you've never been to the West Coast I would highly recommend it. There's nothing like it. After a long week and about 1500 miles of driving we got on a plane and headed back to Lynchburg. Next time we think we might fly to Seattle and drive to Anchorage. But we'll see. ;)

- KJ