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I'm grateful that you found my work compelling enough to make your way here. I offer my services but also my perspective, experience, and willingness to serve. I want you to be sure that I'm a perfect fit for your wedding. Below You can compare collections, see a few full galleries, and read about add-on items.


my approach

I stay fairly hands off for most of the day because I want to document genuine moments as they happen. I won't ask you to recreate moments but you can be sure I'll be there when they occur. During portraits I give plenty of direction when it comes to posing. However, my intentions are to capture candid moments of you together.

My goal at every wedding is to create images that are unique and stand out from typical wedding portraits. If that's something that excites you, we'll be a perfect fit.

what are the costs for travel?

Travel costs only apply to weddings that are more than 3 hours from Lynchburg, VA. Destination weddings will be customized depending on the specifics of your location. However, generally it will include at least a one night stay in either a hotel or Airbnb and a round trip flight.

do I need a shot list?

Nope! I'll send over a questionnaire about 2 months before the wedding, which will ask for everything that I need to know about your wedding plans.

The questionnaire will also list family combinations that I will capture but will ask for any additional combinations that you may like me to grab.

how do we book?

Once you've decided which collection and add-ons best fit your needs I'll send over a customized proposal with the contract and payment information through an online portal.



The Good Day


Great for straightforward wedding days. If you're only looking for an engagement session and wedding day coverage then this collection is perfect for you.

  • 8 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
  • Complimentary 1 Hour Engagement Session
  • Online Gallery Hosting
  • Printable High Resolution Digital Files

The Great Day


This collection is great if you would like more on the wedding day and after it. More coverage and longer sessions means more images and you'll get a tangible means to remember them by.

  • 9 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
  • Complimentary 2 Hour Engagement Session
  • Online Gallery Hosting
  • Printable High Resolution Digital Files
  • 12x12 Leather Album - 30 Pages

The Best Day Ever


This collection is designed to include nearly everything that I offer. The additional hours of coverage and second shooter are great for particularly eventful wedding days. The products allow you to experience your wedding day afterwards through high quality art pieces.

  • 10 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
  • Complimentary 2 Hour Engagement Session
  • Online Gallery Hosting
  • Printable High Resolution Digital Files
  • 12x12 Leather Album - 40 Pages
  • 16X24 Fine Art Canvas Print

Full Galleries


Add-On Items


second shooter

Let me start by saying that I shoot most weddings by myself. However, sometimes having a second shooter just makes sense logistically. I of course can't be in two places at once. If you're getting ready in two completely different places or would like more photos of the reception while we're doing portraits a second shooter may make sense for you. If you're not sure whether or not you need one we can discuss that together.

  • Add $300
  • I only use professionals that I trust and have a similar style and approach to my own
  • All images are given to me for safe keeping and are edited and delivered along with my own



bridal session

These sessions can be so beneficial for you, me, and your seamstress. If you know that your wedding day may not have a lot of time for portraits then it may be good to consider a bridal session. It also gives you time to get comfortable in your dress, allows you to have a hair and makeup trial run, and lets you get comfortable in front of the camera. Another great thing is you may find areas of your dress that still need to be altered. If you're not sure if you should do a bridal session we can talk about whether or not it would be beneficial for you.

  • Add $600
  • Additional portrait time other than the wedding day
  • Hair and makeup trial run
  • Time to get comfortable being photographed in your dress



unplug discount

I offer this discount for a number of reasons. The first is simply because when you're looking back through the images from your ceremony it can be distracting to have 20 cell phones peeking into the aisle during your first kiss or while you're walking towards the groom. Also, it allows your guests to take a step back and simply focus on the beginning of your marriage which gives me the opportunity to photograph them laughing and hugging instead of staring at a screen.

  • You make a best effort attempt to ask your guests to put their devices away for the length of the ceremony (reception is totally fine).
  • $150 off any collection

additional coverage

If you're planning an extra packed day you may need an hour or two of extra coverage. You can add up to two hours of additional coverage for a total of 10 hours of coverage. If you need more time than that the unlimited coverage add on may be the best fit for you.

  • Add $250 per additional hour of coverage
  • Up to 10 hours of coverage per collection
  • You get to hang out with me for even longer!

unlimited coverage

For most weddings 8-9 hours is the perfect amount of time. If you're planning an eventful day or just don't want to have to worry about the timeline then this add-on gives you all day access to me.

  • Add $600
  • I'm available as early as you'd like and as late as midnight
  • Great for extensive wedding days where you just don't want to think about the timeline


You will remember the people who were in your wedding, some of the guests, and of course each other. But over time your memory of the wedding details, how the sky looked that day, and other people who came out to celebrate will fade. A high quality, leather bound art piece will help you remember those little details. I didn't realize the value of an album until a few years into my own marriage. It'll be cherished not only by you but by your kids and grand-kids as well.

  • Starting at $600
  • Thick pages to ensure quality retention
  • Genuine Italian leather

Bridesmaids, mother of bride, and mother in-law gifts

Finding great gifts to give is hard. It can be difficult to find something that everyone would like and is fairly inexpensive. These items, handcrafted by Fire & Water, can make gifts really really easy for you. The candles come in 5 different fragrances: Chardonnay, Whiskey, Mint Mojito, Coffee, and Black Current Tea. There's also a cocoa facial mask and lavender and white gardenia bath salts. You can also pick up each item beautifully packaged in a stained wooden crate.

Candles: $15

Bath Salts: $12

Cocoa Facial Mask: $10

Box: $40